Flashファイルの読み込みを制御するプラグイン"ClickToFlash"の1.5b5がリリースされています。対応OSは MacOS X 10.5(Leoprad) 以降となっています。

rentzsch's clicktoflash at master - GitHub コメントを見る

  • [NEW] Support for HD YouTube videos. (Simone Manganelli)
  • [NEW] YouTube H.264 support now works with embedded videos. (Simone Manganelli)
  • [FIX] Website whitelist works again. (Simone Manganelli's fault for the bug, also for the fix 1, 2)
  • [NEW] Mac app devs can opt out of ClickToFlash on their own by setting 'ClickToFlashOptOut' to YES in their app's Info.plist file. (Simone Manganelli)
  • [CHANGE] Gear contextual menu is now always displayed, unless hidden pref 'drawGearImageOnlyOnMouseOver' is set to YES. (Simone Manganelli)
  • [FIX] Zattoo, iWeb added to the internal application whitelist. (Mo McRoberts, Jonathan Rentzsch)
  • [FIX] Added Front Row to the application whitelist so that understudy works. (Simone Manganelli)
  • [FIX] 'Check Now' button is still enabled even if auto-updating is turned off. bug 200 (Simone Manganelli)
  • [FIX] Sparkle status window goes away if the user chooses to restart the app after install at a later date. bug 191 (Simone Manganelli)
  • [FIX] Modified installer package bundle ID back to 'com.github.rentzsch.clicktoflash.pkg' (Simone Manganelli)
  • [FIX] More clang static analyzer fixes. (Jeff Johnson)
  • [FIX] Changed name to the canonical spelling 'ClickToFlash' plug-in-wide. (Simone Manganelli 1, 2, 3)
  • [FIX] Various fixes for H.264 variant checking. (Chris Suter 1, 2, Simone Manganelli 1, 2)
  • [FIX] Enable building when the project path has spaces. (Nathan de Vries)
  • [CHANGE] Deleted unused 'Remove from Whitelist...' contextual menu item. bug 79 (Jonathan Rentzsch)
  • [FIX] Added :restart task to Rakefile so that Safari is restarted when compiling a new ClickToFlash version. (Ale Mun~oz)
  • [FIX] YouTube views now have a 'YouTube' badge if the 'Load H.264' preference is checked. (Simone Manganelli)
  • [CHANGE] Badge shows an ellipsis (...) if it's still checking for H.264 variants. (Simone Manganelli)
  • [FIX] Shortened obscenely long tooltips to 200 characters. bug 234 (Simone Manganelli)
  • [FIX] Vertical top-bias the badge by 60% so that centered loading text doesn't obscure the badge. bug 56 (Simone Manganelli)
  • [FIX] Sites that loaded 'about:blank' into an iframe for ads were having their ads auto-loaded. bug 240 (Simone Manganelli)
  • [FIX] YouTube videos loaded from were not being recognized by ClickToFlash. bug 249 (Simone Manganelli)
  • [FIX] Changed 'Open page for this video' to open in the current window in the host app rather than in a new window in Safari.